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HGH SERMORELIN THERAPY FOR MEN. Posted on September 3, 2015 by: Metro MD . In humans, HGH, otherwise known as human growth hormone, is responsible for spurring the growth in children and adolescents. It’s also responsible for muscle growth and regulating bodily fluids. Produced synthetically, HGH is found in a lot of prescription medication.

Sermorelin Acetate; Sermorelin Acetate. Listed as Causing Reproductive Toxicity. Developmental Effects: 08/20/1999. Basis for Listing: FR.

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Sermorelin is an HGH Peptide Releasing Agent. The increased amount of IGF-1 in the blood stream results an increase in metabolism and growth of new cells within the body’s organs, muscles and bones. This hormone peptide has been shown to increase lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, increase bone density, enhance the immune system, and strengthen the heart, as well as, other organs of the body.

California Cities Where Injectable Sermorelin Acetate is Growing in Popularity. San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento are the most important cities in Northern California, as most of the state north of Sacramento is more sparsely populated. San Francisco is known for its large Asian population, as well as its highly liberal politics and its high-tech job market.

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Sermorelin Injections Therapy for men and women as HGH Peptide Treatment. P-Shot® Priapus Injections ED Therapy for Men with Erectile Dysfunction.

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